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Who can use this product?

This is for anyone that processes food; meatpackers, poultry or seafood processors, candy, cheese, and chocolate manufacturers, butcher shops, and meat retail stores. All of the garments are also industrial laundry approved.

Can Omni Apparel's products be embroidered? 

Yes, we offer in-house and on-site embroidery services, and we can embroidery a corporate logo, a company name, or individual's name. We offer this on any garment that we make. We import golf shirts, work shirts and hats, and professional attire, and we can embroidery any company logo on them. We import these and do not manufacturer these shirts, but they are available for purchase through us. We have a catalog available to look at our complete line.

What are the benefits of your Omni Apparel?

Our biggest seller is that we are 100% American-made and provide American jobs. Everything is made here. There are a lot of companies that claim this, but we are actually 100% American-made. We have a very fast turnaround on stock items, and we do not have to wait for containers to come from Honduras, China, and Canada because we make everything here in the USA.

Can Omni Apparel's products be customized?

Customizations: You can order a different color collar, knit cuffs on any garments, and any pocket configuration is available. We can make your order to BRC standards.

We can make any style in any color that we provide.  We offer sizes from Small up to a 6XLarge, and if you need a bigger size, we can custom-make a 8XLarge.

We offer 12 colors and several different styles. We have four different lengths, including short length, waist length, three quarter length, and a knee length. We can make your sleeves in short sleeves, three-quarter sleeves, and full sleeves, and long sleeves with a knit cuff. We also customize your garment with no pockets, pockets on the inside or outside or any configuration you want.  Order designs specified to your company’s specifications.

What do your customers like about Omni Apparel?

We give personal service and all of our products are USA made with high-quality USA-made fabrics. 

Contact Omni Apparel, Inc., in Carrollton, Georgia, for 100% American-made food industry apparel for the best possible quality.

Contact us in Carrollton, GA, at 1-800-951-COAT (2628) for 100% American-made food industry apparel for the best possible quality.