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Omni Apparel, Inc. has been providing quality American made garments for over 30 years, stimulating not only the American economy but also supporting our local commmunity

Omni Apparel, Inc. provides high quality washable and re-useable garments for the meat and poultry industry. We also service the laundry,food service, medical, clinical, and industrial industries. You can rest assured that whatver your needs are that they will be met or exceeded with our garments


For over 32 years Omni Apparel, Inc. has been servicing the meat and poultry industry, as well as industrial laundry facilities with American made garments


Omni Apparel, Inc. is dedicated to keeping our local economy growing by producing all of our garments in America


Our turn around time for in-stock items is 24 hours! Custom made garments are shipped within 10 business days

Bulk Prices

We offer a tiered discount on all our garments, even custom made coats. This means that the more you order the better deal you're getting


Our garments are made using only the best quality material available in America. They are made to withstand multiple industrial washes

Delivery Speed

Being located in the US means you don't have to wait weeks for your garments to arrive. In stock items ship in 24 hours and custom garments ship in 10 business days

Why you can rely with 100% confidence on Omni Apparel Inc.


We operate with honesty, integrity and in complete transparency. So that we can serve our 1,000+ clients.

Non-stop service

We operate year-round Monday through Friday 8am-5pm EST, to bring our customers the garments they require. You can count on us to always be available to meet any of your needs.


You can call, email or even fax in your questions and orders. There will always be someone available to meet your demands

Let's wow you!

Buy USA made products and feel the difference for yourself

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Omni Apparel, Inc. in Carrollton, GA is pleased to announce that it has resolved an intellectual property dispute with OMNi Apparel, Inc. of Grandview MO over the use of the name "Omni Apparel" in connection with sales of the companies' respective products. In the Future,OMNi Apparel Inc. in MO which manufactures clothing under the labels Primease and Zorrel willl be named OMNiApparatech, Inc. and can be contacted at 13500 15th St Grandview, MO 64030.

During the transition period, Omni Apparel, Inc. would like to emphasize to its customers the the two entities are not and have never been related.Omni Apparel, Inc. which proudly manufactures 100% of its garments in the USA can be contacted at 113 Kingsbridge Drive, Carrollton, GA 30117 1-800-951-COAT(2628)