Our Story

Omni Apparel, Inc. started out as one womans dream to provide for her family as a single mother. After years of working several jobs and seeing how most companies treat their customers, Brenda Horsley decided to start her own garment business. With nothing more than a single sewing machine in her garage she began making coats with the sole purpose of providing customers with a high quality, American made garment at a reasonable price.

Fast forward to today and Omni Apparel, Inc. has grown to include embroidery services as well as continuing to provide high quality American made butcher coats and labcoats

With the main principles of honesty, integrity, and fairness, Omni Apparel, Inc. continues to grow and provide jobs for the domestic economy. This 100% woman owned company will continue for years to be a leader in the food and laundry industry.

Community & Commitment

Omni Apparel, Inc. has been providing quality American made garments for over 30 years, stimulating not only the American economy but also supporting our local commmunity

Providing a supportive and caring workplace for our employees has always been a top priority.


Our garments are competitive with any other manufacturer nationwide.

Factor in the amount of time saved by not having to deal with customs and 3 month wait times for garments, and you can see how Omni Apparel, Inc. can save you money.